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Dr. Brian Forrest earned national attention for pioneering a Direct Pay, low-overhead practice that provides the best patient care with broadest access, while preserving an excellent income and quality of life for the physician.

As a result of his success, he began consulting with other physicians interested in making similar transitions over five years ago. Physicians would travel to Dr. Forrest's practice in Apex, North Carolina for an on-site visit where he would provide a detailed education on his practice model along with a customized business plan for his client's transition.

As demand for consulting services grew, Dr. Forrest created Forrest Direct Pay to expand the on-site educational visit into an interactive online educational resource for interested physicians.

Drawing on his experience consulting with physicians in different specialties across the nation, Dr. Forrest created a video curriculum and documentation library that guide you through starting or transitioning your practice to Direct Pay.

In addition to the core content from a typical on-site training session, Forrest Direct Pay also offers interactive forums where you can discuss your transition with Dr. Forrest and other physicians engaged in a similar journey to practice success and lifestyle balance.

To get started, view our Introductory Videos available with free registration. Once you're ready to create your own transition plan, explore our Membership options below.

Basic Membership

Start with a Basic Membership to decide if Direct Pay is right for you, and to build customized transition plans for your practice.

Basic Membership includes videos to help you build your transition plan, discussion forums for further conversation around those videos, and most importantly, access to Forrest Direct Pay's Practice Transition Calculator.

The Practice Transition Calculator is an interactive Web application that allows you to design your practice's optimal business model. Taking into account your desired schedule and how many patients you want to manage, you can predict how your Direct Pay practice will perform financially and how long your transition will take.

Ready to learn more, and take control of your practice and patient care? Basic Membership subscription is $79 per month, and is a quick and inexpensive way to find out if you're ready to make the transition to practice freedom through Direct Pay.

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Full Access Membership

Once you understand the Direct Pay practice model and have your practice transformation mapped out with the Practice Transition Calculator, it's time to plan your transition and execute your plan.

Full Access enhances your Membership experience with additional resources including a step-by-step checklist to execute your practice transformation, a video curriculum covering the details of transforming and running your practice, and a documentation library with forms, contracts, and other reference material.

Additionally, discussion forums give you access to Dr. Forrest's experience and interactions with others throughout your practice transition.

The Full Access Upgrade is intended for physicians who have educated themselves on the value of Direct Pay, created their transition plan, and want to transform or start their own Direct Pay practice.

Full Access upgrade fee is $3,500, or $300 per month for 12 months.

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