Meet Dr. Forrest

Brian R. Forrest M.D.

Founder, Access Healthcare, P.A. and the Access Hypertension Clinic

Faculty Affiliation-Adjunct Associate Professor

UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine 

Dr. Forrest founded Access Healthcare and the Access Hypertension Clinic in 2002 to provide an advanced access, low overhead practice model that dramatically reduces out of pocket costs for uninsured patients and has been shown to improve cardiovascular outcomes compared to traditional practice models. 

He has helped over 25 practices around the country convert to this type model in the last two years.  The low overhead, micropractice model is a direct pay method for providing medical care that is totally independent of any insurers, government, or other third party payers.

Dr. Forrest completed medical school at UNC Chapel Hill and his internship and residency in Family and Community Medicine at Wake Forest University.  While at UNC, he also completed an Albert Schweitzer Fellowship in Public Health and a Holderness Medical Research Fellowship in Diabetes from 1996-1998.  

He pursued extensive post graduate continuing medical education in hypertension and cardiovascular disease and in 2009 was certified as a Clinical Hypertension Specialist by the American Society of Hypertension.

Dr. Forrest currently serves as Chair of the Governmental Affairs Committee of the NC Academy of Family Physicians and is currently Vice President Elect on the Academy’s Board of Directors.  He also is a member of the NC Medical Society Legislative Cabinet. He recently served on the NC Medical Board Task Force on Board Certification in the Spring of 2010. He is currently a member of the American Society of Hypertension, the North Carolina Medical Society, the NCAFP and the AAFP. 

He has had numerous appearances on television and radio, including on NPR’s “The Story with Dick Gordon.”  He is an experienced author/lecturer with over 200 presentations on Cardiovascular Disease and the Access Healthcare Model and multiple publications over the last 10 years.

Dr. Forrest has received many honors and awards throughout his career.  Most recently the Triangle Business Journals 40 under 40 Leadership Award in May 2010, the Cardiovascular Diseases Center of Excellence in 2009; the Presidential Award from the NCAFP in 2008; and the helping hand Mission awarded him the “Touched By an Angel Award” in 2007.  In 2006 he was named the “Best Doctor in the Triangle Area” based on a newspaper readers’ poll.  For hobbies, Dr. Forrest is an amateur magician, a black belt instructor in the martial art Hap Ki Do, a keyboard composer, part time Sunday School Teacher, and conducts free clinics in the Raleigh-Durham Area.